vastu shastra

Vastun Shastra

VaastuShastra is an ancient system of architecture which has a set of rules to construct a building. As many presume it to be a superstitious belief, VaastuShastra is literally a scientific approach of building architecture. VaastuShastra building plan principles are derived in such a fashion that brings healthy compatibility between nature and humans. In simple terms, it’s all about inculcating positive and negative energies of the universe into our life and home.


Vastu Shastra further explains these directions. East, West, North, South are said to be directions, and North- East (Eesanya), South- East (Agneya), North-West (Vayuvya), South-West (Nyruthi) are said to be corners and centre in the middle of the house. All the eight directions are under the control of the vastu Purusha (lord), and he will be laying in the direction shown in the cover page figure. The corner in which the head of vastu Purusha is present is Eesanya; legs Nyruthi; left-hand corner Vayuvya and right-hand corner Agneya.

Vastu Shastra Directions


1. Building a staircase, a bathroom or store in the East is a major Vaastu offence and can cause many problems. A staircase here may lead to heart-related problems, while a store in the East blocks the flow of energies to the western section of the house. This creates difficulties in growth and prosperity.

2. If a building faces the East, the front courtyard should be kept open and spacious. If the front courtyard has a concrete floor, and the backyard on the West side is not solid, such as a garden, the building’s occupants may face problems pertaining to financial growth.

Tips for Vastu - Daily Life

You’ve been to therapies, joined support groups, cried in front of your best friend but nothing worked. Perhaps, the problem is not with you or your partner. According to us (and we say it with a lot of experience) there are forces of nature that start working against people if they start differing from the natural laws of nature. If your relationship with your spouse is losing spark then here are a few effective Vastu shastra tips to renew your love.

  • Sleep pointing towards the Southern corner.

  • Get the master bedroom painted in light color tones such as- sea green, light rose, and blue.

  • Increase the amount of light that enters the house and keep the house lit at all times, until bed time.

  • Decorate the house with crystal showpieces and centerpieces. Crystal assists in attracting light. Consequently, giving

  • Some light to your relationship De-clutter your living space. Cluttered things tend to restrict the flow of love.